Winter Garden

October 20, 2014

The heat wave that prompted my rant a few weeks ago produced some wonderful results in our garden.

October Tomato

While we normally get our last tomato in October, it’s not normally mid-month. This one still has a buddy on the vine, and our cherry tomato plant has tons of blossoms and tomatoes.

The weather is confusing so many parts of the garden. Hillary‘s peach tree has fruit … in OCTOBER!

October Peaches

We did have to wait several weeks later than normal to start planting our winter seeds – we didn’t want the heat to kill them off early.

Each winter we have had great luck with carrots, snow peas, beets and turnips. Last years favas did well. All of those except the turnips are already in the ground, and some are making their presence known.

Russian Red Beet SproutsRussian Red beet sprouts

I have thrown in the towel on parsnips. It saddens me to know they have defeated me, at least in this gardening space. In the future I might be back to optimistically attempting that delicious root vegetable.

I have a new veggie to take the parsnips’ place. For my birthday, my fabulous vegan friends gave me some broccoli seeds. They have sprouted already!

Broccoli Sprout

 Between those seeds and the birthday gift of gardening supplies that I received from Rebecca, we are well set for the season.

Our main challenge over the last few months besides the heat is a nocturnal friend. Yes, we have a digger. Some varmint keeps coming in and digging to China.

Varmit Digger

He hasn’t been eating the plants, but on several occasions we have found plants on their sides with their roots completely exposed.

We covered everything up with plastic for a couple weeks during the heat wave. Hopefully we have broke him of this bad habit.

Anyone else ever have a peach tree produce in October? or Varmint is our word for disruptive creatures in the garden. What is your generic term for these critters?

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