January 29, 2015

A couple weeks ago I was shopping for some clothes for work. I found a really unusual print blouse, and I wanted a cardigan to go over it. It was in the earth-tone family, but with pops of bright colors. I knew I didn’t have anything at home that would match.

I went through every department in the store, but I didn’t see anything that would work. I finally broke down and asked for help, something I hate to do. It took time but ultimately I found someone willing to help me (“Not my job” was an unexpected response from the first two people I asked).  My sales associate looked in all the same places I had, help up a couple sweaters that clashed, and then said, “We don’t seem to have anything right now.” What the heck?!?!?!? Why would stores stock separates that don’t match anything?

Since my office is always cold and the blouse would have to be worn with something over it, I put my beautiful find back. There was no guarantee I’d ever find something to match it.

This made me really nostalgic for Garanimals.


If you click on the picture you can watch a commercial for this awesome product line.

The coolest thing about Garanimals was that if the animals on the tags for tops and bottoms were the same, the clothing matched. These should be brought back for adults. Back in the 80s there were alligators symbols on shirts. What if there were similar corresponding symbols on pants as well, so the wearer would know that a well coordinated outfit would be the result of that pairing? That would be so cool! No more wondering if the colors only matched under my warm light bulbs and not in natural light. If there were Garanimals for adults, I would proudly wear them.

How many people remember Garanimals? or Am I the only one that needs to know I have something that will match a new piece of clothing before I buy it?

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