1. maybe it’s because I’m a middle child that I don’t have this drive to be best. Definitely enjoying the process is enough for me. I have an older sister who is very driven and I’m proud of all she’s accomplished and I have a younger brother who is uber-intelligent but has squandered some fantastic opportunities because, at 40 – he’s still smokin pot, philosophically analyzing the society we live in, and chillin. I was the “artsy” one in a family of engineers, MBA’s and a nurse. English? what? creative wriitng? why waste your time? Interior Design? Seriously? So I’ve learned to just enjoy what my right brain bend enjoys, to do MY best – and love to remain curious. In my family – I know I’m “the best” at just enjoying the journey. And yes – that’s enough. Great post Tammy – I’m gonna have to check out that movie. First I’ve heard of it.
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    • Your family definitely follows the birth order model to a “t”. Good for you for going against the current with what worked for you!

      I’m the oldest. I’ve often wondered how much that had to do with my drive. I’m definitely learning that “enjoying the journey” is definitely the way to go!

      (Author’s Note: Better than Chocolate might not be for everyone. It is a lesbian love story with VERY adult content. I find it very touching, and I’ve seen it many times. It was also partly (mainly?) funded by the Canadian film bureau which has helped some really fantastic small films be made.)
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  2. Couldn’t agree more.

    I suppose that in my line of work, I should be universally more competitive than I am. But there comes a point at which you can put so much pressure on yourself to reach an unattainable goal that you miss opportunities to learn from being second best or even third best.

    That’s not to say I’d ever intentionally try to NOT be the best, but I at least have come to learn that whan you do the best YOU CAN, and you’re consistent about it, you’ll learn so much more that will make you even better the NEXT time.
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    • It is so true that it is easy to lose the forest through the trees in the endless pursuit of the unattainable “best” title. I had never really thought of it in terms of learning different lessons from being different ranks, but that is so true. Thank you for broadening my perspective on the topic!
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    • Janice, what an excellent lesson your dad taught you! Putting the focus on our abilities is where it should be, but the win/loss column can easily distracting. How great that you learned it so early.

      Thank you for stopping by.
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